Monday, March 16, 2015

Long hours

Do you work long hours?
I've been struggling with the work-life balance question recently. At my company, everyone always seems to be so caught up in work, and working late, coming in early, rushing around meeting-to-meeting all day every day... it's exhausting even to be around!

I usually make it a point to not work during off-hours. I have a mobile phone for work email, and though sometimes I check it, I rarely act on anything until business hours. As a new mom, I feel like there's scarcely enough time to spend with family as it is - without wasting any of it glued to the computer. 

This last week has been very trying. Work was extremely busy, more so than usual, and I was in meetings back-to-back for days in a row. One day I only saw my own desk for about 20 minutes total, and that was it. It was difficult to even find 15-20 minutes for pumping. By the end of the week I was almost in tears from exhaustion and felt defeated - I simply could not get everything done, and had to beg a coworker for an extension - which meant working over the weekend.

I know this pace won't keep up forever, and I know that I'm quite lucky to have a wonderful (albeit stressful sometimes) job, and a fabulously supportive husband and family. One thing I've promised myself, however, is never to sacrifice happiness for work. So when I'm at home, I will continue to do my best to devote all my energy to the people I love. Life is too short to not spend every moment possible creating joy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pattern Behavior

I just ran across this Tumblr blog called McCall's Pattern Behavior, and wow, I just had to share! Some of these are truly hilarious. Captions are added to images of actual sewing patterns from decades ago. They cracked me up - enjoy!

Nancy are you done packing lunches yet
Tee time for Pajama Golf is in like thirty minutes

Seriously Ruth-Ann
Do you have a blazer for every holiday
Jesus you’re annoying 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Horray for a new milestone!

Baby James has learned to roll over, and boy, does he love his new trick! He has been on the verge of rolling for a couple weeks now, so we were super-excited when we went into the nursery early Wednesday morning and found this:

Tummy sleeper like his mama
We didn't even hear him, so we know he wasn't especially fussy or stressed when he finally was able to make it all the way onto his belly. He has also been sleeping much more soundly since he's learned to roll - I know it's only been a few days, but Hubs and I are very hopeful this trend continues! Horray for learning new things!!!

In his snowsuit showing off his roll
XOXO & Sweet Dreams!

Moscow Mule

Has anyone else tried a Moscow Mule? I first discovered this cocktail when I was browsing around online for home accessories, and I fell in love with the look of these cups. They remind me of mint julep cups (but I'm not a fan of whiskey, so I never get to enjoy those).

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs
I'll be honest "Moscow Mule" - just the name - makes me think of a White Russian - which, eww, because liquor and milk should not mix. So I was super-surprised when I actually read the ingredients - vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer?! Some of my very favorite things! It sounds so light and refreshing - quite the opposite of anything with milk or cream. Plus you just can't go wrong with those gorgeous copper mugs!

I've decided I want to try one - or two - of these very soon. Cheers!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Today I Went For A Run

Today, I went for a run. 

This should not be a big deal - nonetheless, I'm really proud of myself. 

A little backstory.

Last time I posted here, it was 2010, I was halfway through grad school, and life was quite a bit different from life today. Since my last post, I...
Graduated with my MBA, 
Met the love of my life (hi Michael!), 
Started a new job, 
Moved to Greensboro, 
Bought my first house, 
Trained for and 
Ran a half marathon (PR!), 
Got engaged, 
Started another new job, 
Married the love of my life (best wedding ever), 
Honeymooned in St. Lucia, 
Got pregnant, 
Started a new position at work, 
Sold the old house, 
Bought a new house (moved), 
And I had a baby (James). Or he had me. 

More to come on all these developments, but in the meantime, I'm going to continue to celebrate life and the little (and big) things that make it all worthwhile.

Today, I went for a run. :)