Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello again my lovelies...

First of all... HUGE apologies for my serious lack of posts...  Much drama happened during my over-stressed exam season, followed by weeks of perfectly stress-free holidays. Neither is conducive to the frivolous and fun blogging that I so enjoy.  Bits and pieces of the drama (and all of the crazy-awesome Christmas goodies) will make appearances soon.  For now, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now that we are a full 13 days into January, it's officially time to begin planning my vacation wardrobe!  I am somehow lucky enough to be traveling to the British Virgin Islands (BVI's) during the 2nd week of March with my très chic cousin, awesome aunt, and my mom (who is getting her own "moms can be cool, just watch" blog post... stay tuned).

We are going to be sailing around on a boat for seven days, and I am searching for a couple unique pieces to add just the right Caribbean vibe to my current wardrobe.  If there's anything I don't really need more of, it's basic summer/vacation attire.  I have a few ideas, and hope to get a second opinion before buying... (PS: my shopping budget has shrunk big-time; after holiday returns I have a nice J. Crew store credit, so I'm sticking to one retailer). 

First off, a new swimsuit - I have some great suits, but haven't bought one in almost two years.  This Biarritz-stripe is perfect for grabbing some rays on the bow of a sailboat, no?
Biarritz-stripe v-wire bandeau top & hipster bottom
Next up, the Straw seaside tote... not only is it screaming at me "SUMMER! VACATION! BEACH! TROPICS! SUNTAN! OCEAN!!!" it also could replace my purse completely, meaning one less bag to fly with, one less item to pack.  Not to mention its size... the perfect carry-on.
Straw Seaside Tote
I am completely split on the decision between these two shirts.  I love them both, but the ruffle one seems more practical (is that weird?)  I think the Sweeping ruffles shirt could be more versatile than the longer, straighter shape of the Chambray tuxedo beach shirt... but at almost twice the price, I may need to wait for this darling to pop into the sale section.  Both looks are similar (and I love them both) - opinions?
Sweeping ruffles shirt
Chambray tuxedo beach shirt
And to top things off (pun intended) I am totally enamored with the Panama hat.  It could really go anywhere... from with just a swimsuit (see above!) to a gauzy cover-up for Painkillers at the Soggy Dollar... to lobster dinner on Anegada in a summery dress. This hat could easily make OR break any look.  Any advice on how to make this work?
Panama hat
Thanks for being patient readers... I promise I'll be posting more soon!  School starts back tomorrow so my need to escape will be much greater, especially with the upcoming vacation on my mind!


  1. Welcome back, Millie! I love all of your choices! I swear I had that bag for my honeymoon years ago. Everyone carried on of those bags and they do keep their shape so perfect for your trip. I like the ruffle shirt and the bikini is so cute!

    Can't wait to hear about your mom!

  2. I've sailed around the BVI's before! Have you ever been? If not you can't miss Anegada, and you've got to go to Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke, especially if your Mom can be cool, she'll love it :)

  3. Hi Millie...Mom here! I, in fact, went online today shopping for a couple of new BVI bikinis since mine have made the trip close to 7 or 8 times! Not happy at all with what JCrew has to offer currently. As you know, I am hooked on the regular solid halter and the solid bows, no ruffles needed. Perhaps some new, fun colors will come out before our trip. And you, my dear, will be too cute in the striped bikini and either cover-up. Later!

  4. Update!
    I didn't order either of the shirts, or even the bikini - the bottoms were sadly sold out in my size. However I did go for the Panama Hat, straw bag, and two colors (pink and navy) of the Dancing Dots bikini (after they went on sale w/the EXTRA30 discount, of course).

    I received the hat and the bag already... and the hat... this Panama hat is totally badass. It's crazy. I cannot wait for the chance to wear this!

  5. love that striped bikini. :)