Monday, March 16, 2015

Long hours

Do you work long hours?
I've been struggling with the work-life balance question recently. At my company, everyone always seems to be so caught up in work, and working late, coming in early, rushing around meeting-to-meeting all day every day... it's exhausting even to be around!

I usually make it a point to not work during off-hours. I have a mobile phone for work email, and though sometimes I check it, I rarely act on anything until business hours. As a new mom, I feel like there's scarcely enough time to spend with family as it is - without wasting any of it glued to the computer. 

This last week has been very trying. Work was extremely busy, more so than usual, and I was in meetings back-to-back for days in a row. One day I only saw my own desk for about 20 minutes total, and that was it. It was difficult to even find 15-20 minutes for pumping. By the end of the week I was almost in tears from exhaustion and felt defeated - I simply could not get everything done, and had to beg a coworker for an extension - which meant working over the weekend.

I know this pace won't keep up forever, and I know that I'm quite lucky to have a wonderful (albeit stressful sometimes) job, and a fabulously supportive husband and family. One thing I've promised myself, however, is never to sacrifice happiness for work. So when I'm at home, I will continue to do my best to devote all my energy to the people I love. Life is too short to not spend every moment possible creating joy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pattern Behavior

I just ran across this Tumblr blog called McCall's Pattern Behavior, and wow, I just had to share! Some of these are truly hilarious. Captions are added to images of actual sewing patterns from decades ago. They cracked me up - enjoy!

Nancy are you done packing lunches yet
Tee time for Pajama Golf is in like thirty minutes

Seriously Ruth-Ann
Do you have a blazer for every holiday
Jesus you’re annoying 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Horray for a new milestone!

Baby James has learned to roll over, and boy, does he love his new trick! He has been on the verge of rolling for a couple weeks now, so we were super-excited when we went into the nursery early Wednesday morning and found this:

Tummy sleeper like his mama
We didn't even hear him, so we know he wasn't especially fussy or stressed when he finally was able to make it all the way onto his belly. He has also been sleeping much more soundly since he's learned to roll - I know it's only been a few days, but Hubs and I are very hopeful this trend continues! Horray for learning new things!!!

In his snowsuit showing off his roll
XOXO & Sweet Dreams!

Moscow Mule

Has anyone else tried a Moscow Mule? I first discovered this cocktail when I was browsing around online for home accessories, and I fell in love with the look of these cups. They remind me of mint julep cups (but I'm not a fan of whiskey, so I never get to enjoy those).

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs
I'll be honest "Moscow Mule" - just the name - makes me think of a White Russian - which, eww, because liquor and milk should not mix. So I was super-surprised when I actually read the ingredients - vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer?! Some of my very favorite things! It sounds so light and refreshing - quite the opposite of anything with milk or cream. Plus you just can't go wrong with those gorgeous copper mugs!

I've decided I want to try one - or two - of these very soon. Cheers!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Today I Went For A Run

Today, I went for a run. 

This should not be a big deal - nonetheless, I'm really proud of myself. 

A little backstory.

Last time I posted here, it was 2010, I was halfway through grad school, and life was quite a bit different from life today. Since my last post, I...
Graduated with my MBA, 
Met the love of my life (hi Michael!), 
Started a new job, 
Moved to Greensboro, 
Bought my first house, 
Trained for and 
Ran a half marathon (PR!), 
Got engaged, 
Started another new job, 
Married the love of my life (best wedding ever), 
Honeymooned in St. Lucia, 
Got pregnant, 
Started a new position at work, 
Sold the old house, 
Bought a new house (moved), 
And I had a baby (James). Or he had me. 

More to come on all these developments, but in the meantime, I'm going to continue to celebrate life and the little (and big) things that make it all worthwhile.

Today, I went for a run. :)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ATL loves!

Why hello again! I've been out exploring a new city, and let me tell you - Atlanta is far more fun than it might seem from the outside - what a pleasant surprise!  My MBA summer internship has taken me to the largest city in the Southeast, and at first, I'll be honest, I was a little terrified.  Not of big cities, mind you - just of the overgrown urban sprawl, bad public transportation, daily panic-inducing traffic, and an unreasonable expectation that "all-the-best-restaurants-and-pubs-are-owned-by-a-big-corporation-and-have-no-personality."

Well folks, I was wrong about that last item.  (The rest is true, but I manage to avoid 'em by living in one of the most awesome close-to-everything neighborhoods around!)  Atlanta is chock-full of some really cool, off-beat, and fun places that you just have to check out the next time "y'all" venture down south.  Here are a few of my favorite unique places that I've already visited.  I have a "must-see-before-leaving" list which is rapidly filling up, so send me your recommendations!

1. Cacao
Kristen Hard, Founder & Chocolate Maker
This absolute gem of a chocolate shop boasts not only some of the finest chocolates around, but they are all handmade in-house, and it is one of only a small handful (think around 10 or so) bean-to-bar artisan chocolate makers in the entire country.

This is beyond mere infatuation or sugar-lust.  I'm convinced that the chocolate from Cacao actually loves me back.  It's a very decadent relationship.  You may catch more bees with honey, but who wants to catch bees?  

"Each piece of chocolate made in our laboratoire is hand crafted with you, the customer, in mind. Not only do we use the highest quality organic ingredients while employing time-honored chocolate making processes, but also, every bite of Cacao chocolate is made with personal care and attention, creating a conscious chocolate experience for all those who taste it. Cacao Laboratoire firmly espouses that chocolate does more than provide physical sustenance; it takes the extra step to provide the soul with spiritual nourishment as well.

In doing so, we hope our message of love is translated through our product; because at Cacao Laboratoire, it is our mission to compose a product inspiring you to give love, give chocolate."

2. Arden's Garden

Who is Arden?  She's the lady who owns this cool place - some people think she's crazy (they might be right) - but who cares!  All I know is that she makes some darn good locally-produced, freshly-squeezed fruit & vegetable juices.  She has some incredible combinations that look absolutely vile, but believe it or not, taste quite fabulous!  In addition to her juice shops in town, the products are sold in my local Whole Foods (score!)  Over-processed too-salty V8 juice can take a hike - I'll take an Arden's Garden, please.

3. Bark ATL
I simply MUST give an awesome shout-out to the folks at the best doggy-day-care in the world, Bark ATL.  They have one of the cleanest, most fun, and pleasant pet facilities I've ever seen (that doesn't cost an arm, leg, and first-born child).  It is also a 100% cage-free facility.  Fo' real.  There's none of this "I'm sorry we will have to conduct a month-long 'trial' to learn your pup's personality" nonsense before letting them romp with the rest of the pack.

On her first day, my little munchkin (75 lbs is little, right?) was having a total blast with the other Big Dogs, which I secretly watched on the webcam, and she came home with an adorable first-day-of-school photo with a magnet for the fridge.  In addition, the staff takes lots of fun pics to post on Facebook, so you can make your friends jealous too that the doggies have more pool-time in one workday than we get all summer.  If only my cubicle were half as much fun...

4. Everybody's Pizza
Everybody loves pizza, and in my opinion, everybody needs a local pizza place where you can get wonderful, unique, delicious REAL pizza that you know won't be a rubber disc stamped "Made in China."  In Atlanta, this is the place.  While they will deliver anything on the menu, if you swing by to eat-in, you'll be impressed by the well-chosen beer selection and outstanding people-watching (grab a seat by the window). Check out the menu and take special note of something called a "pizza salad."  Yep, really.  It exists.  Awesome.

5. Chastain Park Amphitheater
This is not really "under-the-radar" but it is one of the coolest things about Atlanta.  Last weekend, on my birthday, I was surprised by my date with a picnic dinner and tickets to see a concert with Chris Isaak (the next Simon Cowell? please comment, I want to hear your thoughts!)

The venue is awesome - it's an outdoor amphitheater, but not a typical one.  It was nice and shady in the evening, and there are wide comfortable seats so you aren't forced to sit on the grass.  They allow you to bring in your own cooler of food and drinks (including beer or wine) which makes an ideal date spot, or simply a perfect way to catch some good music with great friends.  I highly recommend getting to see to a show if you can!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

American Idol, and my other guilty pleasures... (okay, fine, I don't feel guilty)

After tearing up at yet again another American Idol audition, I have decided I am no longer apologizing for such over-the-top displays of emotion (who cares if I'm the only person in my house, I still get embarrassed). But not anymore!

I'm embracing all of the realized/crushed dreams on American Idol, the emotional trauma of Grey's Anatomy, and the relentlessly-inspirational Biggest Loser.  I believe previews for Nicholas Sparks' "Dear John" should come with a warning: "Not Appropriate for All Audiences, a.k.a. Emotional Disaster Zones."

The one thing that completely rips me apart? (As if there weren't enough already!) The National Anthem. The Star-Spangled Banner. I feel sorry for all the other fans near me at games, or anyone in the living room at the start of the Super Bowl.  Please be forewarned-- I will cry. Hard. Just wait until the jets fly over. Oh man. 100% Guaranteed.

So... I cry at stuff. Lots of stuff. I'm not sorry for it or sad about it; it's great. It is those things in particular that make me happy. I absolutely LIVE for something (anything) that makes me feel so much, so strongly, one way or another (see previous Glee post) that I laugh out loud, stand up and cheer, or completely melt down in tears for an hour.  I love it all.
PS: Warning: the Olympics is soon, and it's the worst offender-- produces all of the above symptoms.  It starts with only the NBC theme song.  I'm stocking up on tissues, red wine, and pretzels.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello again my lovelies...

First of all... HUGE apologies for my serious lack of posts...  Much drama happened during my over-stressed exam season, followed by weeks of perfectly stress-free holidays. Neither is conducive to the frivolous and fun blogging that I so enjoy.  Bits and pieces of the drama (and all of the crazy-awesome Christmas goodies) will make appearances soon.  For now, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now that we are a full 13 days into January, it's officially time to begin planning my vacation wardrobe!  I am somehow lucky enough to be traveling to the British Virgin Islands (BVI's) during the 2nd week of March with my très chic cousin, awesome aunt, and my mom (who is getting her own "moms can be cool, just watch" blog post... stay tuned).

We are going to be sailing around on a boat for seven days, and I am searching for a couple unique pieces to add just the right Caribbean vibe to my current wardrobe.  If there's anything I don't really need more of, it's basic summer/vacation attire.  I have a few ideas, and hope to get a second opinion before buying... (PS: my shopping budget has shrunk big-time; after holiday returns I have a nice J. Crew store credit, so I'm sticking to one retailer). 

First off, a new swimsuit - I have some great suits, but haven't bought one in almost two years.  This Biarritz-stripe is perfect for grabbing some rays on the bow of a sailboat, no?
Biarritz-stripe v-wire bandeau top & hipster bottom
Next up, the Straw seaside tote... not only is it screaming at me "SUMMER! VACATION! BEACH! TROPICS! SUNTAN! OCEAN!!!" it also could replace my purse completely, meaning one less bag to fly with, one less item to pack.  Not to mention its size... the perfect carry-on.
Straw Seaside Tote
I am completely split on the decision between these two shirts.  I love them both, but the ruffle one seems more practical (is that weird?)  I think the Sweeping ruffles shirt could be more versatile than the longer, straighter shape of the Chambray tuxedo beach shirt... but at almost twice the price, I may need to wait for this darling to pop into the sale section.  Both looks are similar (and I love them both) - opinions?
Sweeping ruffles shirt
Chambray tuxedo beach shirt
And to top things off (pun intended) I am totally enamored with the Panama hat.  It could really go anywhere... from with just a swimsuit (see above!) to a gauzy cover-up for Painkillers at the Soggy Dollar... to lobster dinner on Anegada in a summery dress. This hat could easily make OR break any look.  Any advice on how to make this work?
Panama hat
Thanks for being patient readers... I promise I'll be posting more soon!  School starts back tomorrow so my need to escape will be much greater, especially with the upcoming vacation on my mind!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Filled with Glee

I cannot say enough how completely smitten I am with the show Glee!  It has received great critical reviews, about the acting, music, writing, what not... but there's something else about it I just can't pinpoint...

Every episode leaves me sublimely happy... filled... no, inflated with happy-ness!  It's like a crazy drug... laughing gas at the dentist office. The characters are fantastical, funny, and oh so entertaining.  The storyline plays out in a way that makes you feel like re-living nostalgic memories of your own high school experience (both good and bad). 

Just at the point where you start thinking you're watching just another good show, the entire gorgeous and impeccably-dressed cast breaks out in song-- one of those songs you secretly know all the words to and turn up way too loud in your car, singing your heart out.
If you haven't yet had your piece of yummy Glee deliciousness, I suggest you do it soon.  Very soon.

P is for Party... A is for All Night Long!

Wahoo!  I just ordered my dress for the MBA school upcoming Holiday Party, and I couldn't be more excited about what I picked!  I started out looking for something frilly and fun, trying to find anything similar to this piece of puffy perfection.
J. Crew Organza Party Dress
Everything about this dress screams fun, festive holiday party.  The frills, the ruffles, the tiers, it's all simply amazing.  The price?  Not so much.  But don't cry, black frilly dress, I still love you dearly.  One day I hope we'll see each other again...  Meet me on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day?

I began looking in all the usual places-- Nordstrom, Bluefly, Bloomingdale's, Forever 21, etc... There wasn't anything at all anything close to my price point that caught my eye.  Major bummer.  So back at J. Crew, I stumbled upon the silk taffeta bow monde dress (btw... what's a monde?)  I've admired this dress in the catalog for a while, but never had an occasion to wear it.  I think is just what I need...
J. Crew Bow Monde Dress
Instead of going for a bright color (my usual), or the traditional holiday party LBD, I opted for "barely peach", which seems like a metallic warm nude, not anything orange-related.  I think it will work great for holiday, plus I can wear it to weddings or parties all year 'round.

In the same order, I also picked up the Harper crackle metallic platform heels (on sale woohoo!) and the skinny shimmerveil belt.  Am I on some sort of ridiculous glitter/metallic-obsessed bender?  Probably.  I don't care.  If sparkly is wrong, I don't want to be right!
Harper crackle metallic platform heels
For the holiday party, I have a great pair of bright blue satin shoes that I absolutely adore.  I've been just dying to wear them, and I think they would be gorgeous with the bow dress.  However I'm also tempted to wear the new metallic heels.  Help me readers!  I'm completely torn! Which shoes should I pick?
Nina blue Fleur heels
 PS:  I apologize for the recent lack of posts... it's crazy-busy exam time here at b-school, so there hasn't been much time to think about anything else.  Fear not!  I'll be back to a regular schedule again verrrry soon.  Believe me I would rather be here.  

Much love --Millie.