Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Filled with Glee

I cannot say enough how completely smitten I am with the show Glee!  It has received great critical reviews, about the acting, music, writing, what not... but there's something else about it I just can't pinpoint...

Every episode leaves me sublimely happy... filled... no, inflated with happy-ness!  It's like a crazy drug... laughing gas at the dentist office. The characters are fantastical, funny, and oh so entertaining.  The storyline plays out in a way that makes you feel like re-living nostalgic memories of your own high school experience (both good and bad). 

Just at the point where you start thinking you're watching just another good show, the entire gorgeous and impeccably-dressed cast breaks out in song-- one of those songs you secretly know all the words to and turn up way too loud in your car, singing your heart out.
If you haven't yet had your piece of yummy Glee deliciousness, I suggest you do it soon.  Very soon.


  1. I love Glee! I have not missed a week. I always record in on the DVR and then rewatch it at least once so I don't miss a thing.

  2. OMG is it out ??!!! I can't to watch it online. I think in England we get episodes 2 or 3 weeks after the Americans. Like Gossip Girl ,etc. Now I am filled with Glee knowing I can watch it !