Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Suiting Dilemma

I noticed yesterday that my very favorite J. Crew suit (black stretch wool, bought summer 2005) is getting a little threadbare.  It has become a little "shiny-looking" in areas, and this seems to be more prominent after professional cleaning, rather than better.  I've noticed this happening gradually over the past year or so, and I don't think it's a problem with my drycleaner, or a quality issue with the material.  I bought this suit after college graduation in 2005, and I have truly worn the life out of it (it was my only suit for 2 years, and has remained my favorite even after I bought others).  I think it's about time that I find a new black suit.

Online I found two options, one of which is a perfect replacement for my old favorite - it's the same black stretch wool that I love, and it matches the black Olive Dress that awaits me under the Christmas tree this December.  Theoretically I could put the blazer with the dress if I wanted, and it would match perfectly.
Stretch Wool Olive Dress in Black
Items in my "go-to" black suit:
Stretch Wool Jacket & City-fit Bistro Pants
Stretch Wool Pencil Skirt
The other option, which is currently my top choice (for multiple reasons) is the Super 120's pinstripe suiting in charcoal gray (pictured below).  This gorgeous material is one of my favorites, and feels amazing.  I really like the color, love the stripe (I currently don't have any patterned suits), and AND-- it's on sale.  That's the kicker.  Not only is it sale-priced, it's not yet in the Final Sale stage so it can be exchanged, plus they have all 3 pieces- in stock- in my size.  That by itself is usually enough to convince me.  However, the pattern and color aren't quite as versatile, and it was the black suit I originally intended to replace... Interview season is coming up fast in the MBA world.  I really wish I could have both, but suits are expensive, so I'll need to wait on one of these.

Which would you choose?  Should I go with the more versatile, black stretch wool favorite?  Or the new, interesting, and sale-priced charcoal 120's?
Super 120's Pinstripe 2-Button Jacket & Pants
Super 120's Pinstripe High Pencil Skirt

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  1. LT! Love your new blog! I know what you mean about suits getting that shiny look after much wear and tear, happens to the best of 'em after a few years. I'd go for the gray pinstripe suit to polish of your MBA-bound-oh-so-pretty look! The Olivia dress is darling! You'll be having a good Christmas, that's for sure! I just think it's got such a detailed cut and very unique look that there is no reason to match it, well... hide it... with a jacket. If anything, a sweater would look best so you get the full effect of the neckline. Ohhhh how I wish you were still in town (better yet, a housemate again) so I could come to you for fashion advise. Always have loved your sense of style, friend! XOXO, Margaret