Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey! Give It Back! I Wasn't Done Yet!

Photo by CarLee
Today I hopped onto J. Crew's website to check out the new arrivals and Holiday Gift Guide, and was startled to find my shopping cart empty!  What!?!  Why, J. Crew?  What did I do wrong?

J. Crew is one of those wonderful sites that allows you to save your cart between shopping sessions.  Therefore my shopping cart is rarely empty, unless I've just made a purchase.  I use my cart to "bookmark" items that I love, and keep a running tally (should I decide to pull the trigger and make a purchase).  The holidays are coming, and I have been adding lots more than usual to my cart, creating a J. Crew Christmas "wish list".  As of last night, my shopping cart contained almost $2,000 worth of items (yikes!).  Needless to say, I am very disappointed, and actually a bit sad to have lost them all.  True, I wouldn't have ended up purchasing every single item, but is that really so bad?  Is there some shopping cart code of conduct that I'm unaware of?  I feel like a shopper at Target who wandered away from her buggy for a moment, only to find that a sales clerk has taken the cart and put everything back on the shelves.  Not fair!

Has this happened to anyone else?  Is your shopping cart empty this morning? 

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