Wednesday, November 18, 2009

P is for Party... A is for All Night Long!

Wahoo!  I just ordered my dress for the MBA school upcoming Holiday Party, and I couldn't be more excited about what I picked!  I started out looking for something frilly and fun, trying to find anything similar to this piece of puffy perfection.
J. Crew Organza Party Dress
Everything about this dress screams fun, festive holiday party.  The frills, the ruffles, the tiers, it's all simply amazing.  The price?  Not so much.  But don't cry, black frilly dress, I still love you dearly.  One day I hope we'll see each other again...  Meet me on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day?

I began looking in all the usual places-- Nordstrom, Bluefly, Bloomingdale's, Forever 21, etc... There wasn't anything at all anything close to my price point that caught my eye.  Major bummer.  So back at J. Crew, I stumbled upon the silk taffeta bow monde dress (btw... what's a monde?)  I've admired this dress in the catalog for a while, but never had an occasion to wear it.  I think is just what I need...
J. Crew Bow Monde Dress
Instead of going for a bright color (my usual), or the traditional holiday party LBD, I opted for "barely peach", which seems like a metallic warm nude, not anything orange-related.  I think it will work great for holiday, plus I can wear it to weddings or parties all year 'round.

In the same order, I also picked up the Harper crackle metallic platform heels (on sale woohoo!) and the skinny shimmerveil belt.  Am I on some sort of ridiculous glitter/metallic-obsessed bender?  Probably.  I don't care.  If sparkly is wrong, I don't want to be right!
Harper crackle metallic platform heels
For the holiday party, I have a great pair of bright blue satin shoes that I absolutely adore.  I've been just dying to wear them, and I think they would be gorgeous with the bow dress.  However I'm also tempted to wear the new metallic heels.  Help me readers!  I'm completely torn! Which shoes should I pick?
Nina blue Fleur heels
 PS:  I apologize for the recent lack of posts... it's crazy-busy exam time here at b-school, so there hasn't been much time to think about anything else.  Fear not!  I'll be back to a regular schedule again verrrry soon.  Believe me I would rather be here.  

Much love --Millie.


  1. Monde means "world" in french, so the world bow dress? I vote for the sparky heels, they are so cute!

    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. I think I like the metallic crackle shoes as well...since you're not going with a brightly colored dress this year, they add the festive sparkle that you need. A pair of really sparkly gold based earrings will complete the ensemble!